FCCI-List of Trustees

Ms. Poorvi Shukla, EC Member and Director of Publications

Ms. Poorvi Shukla

Ms. Poorvi Shukla is a PhD student in the Mathematics department at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

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Mr. Manas Mandalahalli, EC Member and Webmaster

Mr. Manas Mandalahalli

Mr. Manas Mandalahalli is a PhD student in the Chemical Engineering department at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

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Mr. Anil Kumar Ravulakollu

Dr. Ram Singh

 Mr. Anil Kumar Ravulakollu is a researcher at Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. 

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Ms. Pranita A Deshpande


 Ms. Pranita A Deshpande is a professional with experience as a LegalAdvisor. 

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Dr. H.U. Qureshi

Dr H.U. Qureshi

Dr. H.U. Qureshi has been the Secretary General of the Foundation from 1992 till 2014. Beside FCCI, he has been associated with many other socio-cultural and academic organisations in India and abroad. 

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Mr. Akbal Mohamed

Mr. Akbal Mohamed

Mr. Akbal Mohamed was a Farmer, where he learned how to use the earth economically. As an entrepreneur, he also applies that in the companies that he supervises. Furthermore, his slogan is: share the knowledge you with others.

Dr. Anwar Siddiqui

Dr. Anwar Siddiqui

Dr. A. H. Siddiqui is a trustee of FCCI. He was associated with the Dept. of Dermatology, AMC, Univ. A'dam, Amsterdam (Holland).

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Dr.Nupur Kohli

Drs. Nupur Kohli

Dr. Nupur Kohli is the winner of Most Inspiring Woman of The Netherlands 2016 in the Category Smart Brains,  the VIVA400 Award and the winner of one the Most Inspiring Woman in Technology in The Netherlands 2017 from Inspiring 50 Europe.

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Prof. Dr. P.R.Saxena

Prof. Dr. P.R.Saxena

Prof. Pramod R. Saxena is a Founding Trustee and past President of the Foundation for Critical Choices for India.

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Mr. Ashish Sensarma


 Mr. Ashish Sensarma is a distinguished businessman.  more details coming soon...

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Trustees of FCCI


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