FCCI-List of Trustees

Prof. Dr. P.R.Saxena

Prof. Dr. P.R.Saxena

Prof. Pramod R. Saxena is a Founding Trustee and past President of the Foundation for Critical Choices for India.

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Drs. B.N.Madan

Drs. B.N.Madan

Drs. Badri N. Madan  is a prominent businessman of the Indian community.

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Ms. Subhadra Pathak

Drs. Darshdeep Baidwan

Ms. Subhadra Pathak is a Financial Accounting Advisory consultant at Ernst & Young (EY),

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Mr. Prakash Ayer

Drs. Darshdeep Baidwan

Mr. Prakash Ayer is currently responsible for Wipro's SAP business in Benelux Region.

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Mr. Dave Gurnani

Drs. Darshdeep Baidwan

Mr. Dave Gurnani is in real estate and children's clothing business.

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Mr. Robin Tewari

Drs. Darshdeep Baidwan

Mr. Robin Tewari studied Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Drs. Purushottam Sitaldin

Drs. Darshdeep Baidwan

Drs. Purushottam Sitaldin is an economist, writer, philospher and radio presentator.

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Mr. Manas Mandalahalli

Mr. Manas Mandalahalli

Mr. Manas Mandalahalli is a PhD student in the Chemical Engineering department at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

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Mr. Glenn Marapin , Member EC

Mr. Glenn Marapin

Mr. Glenn Marapin is in insurance business. He is a trustee and executive committee member of FCCI.

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Mr. Jasbir Singh Atwal , Member EC

Mr. Jasbir Singh Atwal

Mr. Jasbir Singh Atwal is a successful businessman and owner of a restaurant in Amsterdam.

Read more: Mr. Jasbir Singh Atwal , Member EC

Trustees of FCCI


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