Dr. H.U. Qureshi

Dr H.U. Qureshi

Dr. H.U. Qureshi has been the Secretary General of the Foundation from 1992 till 2014. Beside FCCI, he has been associated with many other socio-cultural and academic organisations in India and abroad. 

Now, leading a retired life of an academic and researcher,  let us mention here that he has also worked as Coordinator of Language Services in a Bilateral (International) Tribunal at The Hague for more than 10 years. He has a number of publications in Urdu, Persian, Hindi and English.

 Under the chief editorship of Mr. R.L. Lakhina and in cooperation with the late Dr. V.V. Moharir, he was able to publish a commemorative volume on "50 Years of Indo-Dutch Cooperation", and later, "FCCI: Quarter Century Service to India".  A number of academic studies/papers on hot topics of the day, likeThe Punjab ProblemTransfer of Technology to IndiaVoting Rights to NRIs and PIOsFramework for the Future - A Case for a New Constitution for India, NRI's Voting Rights for (election to) Indian Parliament and State Legislatures and Their Representation in Indian Parliament, A Case for a New Comprehensive Indian Tax Act governing Non-Resident Indians, etc, were circulated among the decision makers and that they later became part of Indian legal and/or Indian constitutional system.

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